A Daily Practice

The Ashtanga practice is a daily practice with the exception of rest days. The First and Last days of practice are Led Class while 4 days in between are Mysore Style.

Mysore Style (Self Practice)

Practitioners follow their own practice in a session comprising a range of experience from new beginners to those with an established practice. This is the normal mode of practicing Ashtanga Yoga.

Led Class

The sequence (asana names and guiding count) is given in Sanskrit with minimal verbal cues. Practitioners take  the Asana from their regular Mysore practice then quietly sit out those they do not practice at the back of the class before rejoining the for back-bending asana, finishing asana, seated breathing and rest. The Led Class is as a means of re-affirming the correct method for reference in Mysore Self Practice.

Rest Days

There are 3 types of rest-days in the Ashtanga Practice schedule:

Day Off - At the KPJAYI this is Sunday (although it was previously Saturday).

Moon Days

Ladies Holidays

Half Primary

The 'Half Primary' class format is not one regularly taught at the KPJAYI although Sri K. Pattabhi Jois used to teach it in workshops on "World Tours" (in addition to Led Full Primary and Led 2nd Series class!). Most studios or shalas prescribe it for newcomers to Ashtanga Yoga and it is often taught as a limited duration course of classes (usually 8 - 10).   It is a useful bridge to Mysore practice and is similar in structure to a Led Primary Class only with fewer asanas, sometimes with more verbal explanation and demonstration (and perhaps some hands on guidance) and conducted at a slower pace than a Led Full Primary Class.